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 FB51 tips.

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FB51 tips. Empty
PostSubject: FB51 tips.   FB51 tips. EmptySun Aug 09, 2009 2:26 am

hello all,

some tips beforehand:
- get the quest "HERMIT KAN" - (Lv49)
- get the quest "SIGN OF THE TALON" - (Lv50)
- get the quest "THE SCEPTER" until you have to kill "The Myriadtail Wyvern" - (Lv51);
- get the quest "AVENGER'S FURY" to kill Rankar and Fushma - (Lv51);

many might know already, that FB51 is quite confusing.

NOTE: kill patrolling mobs first!
I have made a map which shows:
- bosses (red dots):
1. "Fushma - Hexocelot Lieutenant";
2. "Rankar - Ferocious Ironskin" - this boss patrols around. approx route in red;
3. "The Myriadtail Wyvern" - see more info below;
(tab holder should hand in at least quests for Fushma and Rankar, but just kill the required mobs first to be safe)
- mobs that open gates "Guardian of the Pride" - pink dots
You need to kill these "Guardian of the Pride" to open at least 2 gates (green rectangles) to get to "The Myriadtail Wyvern" - pink line shows which guardian opens which gate.
"The Myriadtail Wyvern" does AOE. keep low-def people out of his range :-)

Map will follow shortly
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FB51 tips.
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