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 Naci, Jade, however^^

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PostSubject: Naci, Jade, however^^   Mon Sep 14, 2009 4:45 am

Hi out there,

1. NacinaJade, my Cleric

i'd like to introduce my little cleric char NacinaJade.
Today she's Lvl 30 with average Damage about 1,2k.
Today her Genie reached level 30 too.

I want to learn her all skills maxed until i do further leveling, but as it's really expensive in Spirit and Money,
maybe i have to do some Levels meanwhile to get money.

When ever she may be of assistance she'll be happy to help.

2. NaciJade, my Blademaster

Very little atm ---> lvl9

Very few Words to the User behind NacinaJade.
My name is Harry and i'm 32 living in Vienna, Austria.
You can speak with me in german, english...
and in bits: French and Dutch
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Naci, Jade, however^^
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