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 Policies and Patience

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PostSubject: Policies and Patience   Policies and Patience EmptyWed Oct 28, 2009 4:17 am

hello all,

last few months we grew into a very large group, so now is a good time to summarize some policies, which are nothing more than basic social skills, that you would also show in real life.


I mentioned it a few times already...
... "Your biggest enemy on this game is... Impatience"
For others it's easier to be patient than for others, but if you can't handle impatience, you will get frustrated.

We have a group of very helpful people, that includes _you_ , but these people can't help everybody the same time. As well these people need a private life, some resting too, and some time for themselves on game to lvl up and relax a bit.
There is a huge burden on the tanks, barbarians and blademasters, as well as clerics.

If you need help, feel free to ask the faction...
... but don't get frustrated, if you don't get a satisfactory answer or no answer at all. People can be in squads, busy rl, tired, etc. etc. Also not everybody continuously watches faction chat. When people are in FB/TT runs, they often disable faction chat, to concentrate on squad.
Sometimes faction chat can also be a bit chaotic and busy, so your request for help might not be seen.

- Bounty Hunter (BH) quests. everybody has them. But it's impossible for tanks/clerics to do BH for 100 people, so do _not_ expect the faction will help _everybody every day_.
> Try to combine BH with at least 2 others;
> When a squad from faction can't be formed, camp at the bounty hunter or relevant cave
> FBs, TTs, regular bosses should always have more priority than BHs.

- Seek the best moment to ask faction for help. If no required tanks and/or clerics are active/talking/online, then it's not likely that you will get the squad you require.

- Tell the people with what you need help. Questions like "Can anybody help me?" will obviously result in answers like "With what?" or no answer at all.

- If you feel you wait too long, add it to the _boss list_ on this forum.

- If you see something asking for help, at least take the opportunity to say no or yes. Nobody likes having the feeling being ignored. Also try to remember with what the person needs help, so when you see Tank/Cleric become active, you can tell the relevant people.

Also feel free to whisper Marshals/Executors or other experienced players to help with _coordinating_ a squad.


Behave like you're expected to behave in real life.
- If somebody says Hi on faction chat, if you have the opportunity, say Hi or wb. People also like being in factions to meet/chat to other people and nobody likes to be ignored.
- If you switch off faction chat (for example, when you go into squad), or when youre going afk for a while, and if you have the opportunity, tell the faction, so people know who might respond and who might not respond.

We have many adults, but also some children in the faction.
- Sexual implicit and/or explicit comments will not always be appreciated.
- Do not swear on faction chat. It's ok to vent a bit sometimes, but realise that others are here for fun and to enjoy themselves.
- If you decide to leave the faction for some reason, take the opportunity to say goodbye and if you like, tell the reason why you leave. People can get quite restless if somebody just leaves faction without saying a word.

If you're unhappy or concerned or you have questions about anything, do not hesitate to contact one of the Executors, Marshals, Director or Leader.

Enjoy your stay at StGeorge!
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Policies and Patience
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