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 saw a neat game on the forum

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saw a neat game on the forum Empty
PostSubject: saw a neat game on the forum   saw a neat game on the forum EmptySat Oct 31, 2009 12:31 am

i am not sure of the mechanics of the particular event i read about, but it was called picture hunt.

i could imagine someone heading to far off lands, closing their navigator and snapping a screen shot. maybe the pic would need to be altered (windows paint can erase the gps) if you cant close the navigation box). first person to take and post their own shot at the same coordinates wins.
what the prizes would be, i don't know, just an idea.

it's like hide and seek without the person having to stand there, would give people not online at that time a chance to win, and (most importantly, wink, wink) "force" people to come to the website to see the photos!!! who knows, they may actually start using the forum for other things.

ps - the screen shots of opti vs. the world boss WERE SPECTACULARLY AWSOME!!! and i loved the group photo at the end.
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saw a neat game on the forum Empty
PostSubject: Re: saw a neat game on the forum   saw a neat game on the forum EmptyFri Nov 13, 2009 10:25 am

Hmm and participants would search for locations on the picture?? But ppl who knows PWI well will know faster than newer players.

Hide and seek would be hard:P Finding one person isn't easy and if we narrow down the area it will be easy to track ppl by option nearby players:P And i suppose items disappear after a while( i wonder how long while).

What about a relay race?? Very Happy where teammates have to pass an item and fly/run to another teammate Smile
But there would be a problem who has better aerogear and speed potions Sad

No more ideas at the time ;/
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saw a neat game on the forum
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