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 Level 4 Tailor/Craftman skills

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PostSubject: Level 4 Tailor/Craftman skills   Sun Nov 01, 2009 1:29 am

question: is it really possible to make all three of the 2-star items need to upgrade to level 4 without some serious grinding for mats and a large bit of luck? i have seen these items at the AH, but others know you need this and many are priced way above 3-star items.

problem: i have become too high of a level to reasonably get the materials from drops while grinding. ie: rough fur mobs are lvl 30-37 and i am 55. basic game parameter is that % of drops is a factor of the difference in levels between you and the mob. this also applies when i help lower level members if am in their squad. if they intend to raise their skills, they will run into same issue if they sell/trade/give to me.

solution: suck it up and buy mats at cat house and hope for the best or buy items at AH.

your thoughts please.
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Level 4 Tailor/Craftman skills
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