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 Faction lotto!

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PostSubject: Faction lotto!   Faction lotto! EmptySun Nov 08, 2009 10:07 pm

This is only a suggestion xP

What if we had a weekly or even daily faction lotto?

Everyone would pay 1 - 5k to join (price would be static for every lotto), whoever pays will have the chance to win the full ammount of coins collected from everyone, ofcourse when doing the lotto we'd need to take a vid of it and post it on youtube to let everyone know it was legit Razz (wouldnt take more than 1 min).

So this is how it'd work...

We all send 5k to an account (could be opti since hes the leader), we assign numbers to each contestant from 1-129 (current population), whoever matches the winning number picked up randomly (would need paper and a bowl for this Very Happy and some ink lol) will take all the coins.

- Helping poor members :]

It's not really hard to farm 5k coins, and if stacked from every contestant, it would really help eachother ^_^ lets see what others think about this idea :]
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PostSubject: Re: Faction lotto!   Faction lotto! EmptyFri Nov 13, 2009 10:04 am

I like the idea:D
and ppl could buy more than 1 "ticket" per lottery to improve their chances:) (and pot as well:D)
I vote for 1k price (more ppl will risk and it will be more interesting:P)

I suppose not everyone will want/be able to participate.
Any1 who would like to join a drawing would write their name on a forum thread with amount of "tickets" they buy.
Rewriting and assigning numbers would be quite a work but the outcome will be fun and pay off (at least for one person:P)

Here is a site we (lottery master What a Face ) can use for drawing after attributing numbers Smile

I really hope this idea won't die Smile
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Faction lotto!
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