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 Tips for Barbarians

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PostSubject: Tips for Barbarians   Tips for Barbarians EmptyMon Jun 22, 2009 7:30 am

Post here tips for barbarians.
I will summarize your feedback in this message.

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PostSubject: pure vit ofc!!!!!   Tips for Barbarians EmptySat Nov 21, 2009 4:37 am

ok guys my build.... PURE VIT!
str: The amount of Strength in any build is simply the latest axe/hammer requirement for your level, nothing more & nothing less.
dex: follow req. of ur latest weap or put 1 dex evry 2 lvls till u get 50dex.... but i suggest to follow the weapon req. my lv80 barb has only 44 dex atm. low accuracy? just max bloodbath asap to add +200% accuracy in the cost of losing some little hitpoints. with my +50% accuracy rings (mysty forest ring) i barely miss somthin... even by duelin archers!
mag: ok put 5 mag per lvl... lol! HAHA jk -.- would be a waste of points so NO MAG PLZ!!! >.<


VIT!!! (FTW): Add as much vitality points as u can! (the mor vit~the better tank!) the more hitpoints... the higher armageddon dmg. my highest crit dmg on armageddon(lv 1) was about 18k! oh and dont forget its an aoe dmg!

hmm.... skills?
nah im too lazy to write more -.-
skillz will follow soon xD i know ima lazy ass -.-
dont forget LUV J!!! *cough* LUV StGeorge!!!!
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Tips for Barbarians
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