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 Tips for Archers

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PostSubject: Tips for Archers   Tips for Archers EmptyMon Jun 22, 2009 7:33 am

Post here tips for archers.
I will summarize your feedback in this message.

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PostSubject: what i think i know about archers   Tips for Archers EmptyMon Dec 07, 2009 1:11 am

i built as follows:
level 1-20 3-1-1 dex/str/vit
level 20-40 3-1-0 or 3-0-1 dex/str/vit based on equipment and satisfying my inner barb that likes to mix it up.
lvl 40-50 5-0-0 dex
lvl50-NOW dex, with strength based on equipment needs and vit for that inner barb stuff again.

most people say vit is a waste, but i'm more aggressive than average and have switched to a MP helm. it has saved my butt when soloing to have the few extra points. side topic, but i feel strongly that farming and making a lot of pots is very important, and cheaper, since i like living on the edge of death when i solo. group play is always a team effort based on group abilities and the task at hand. BEWARE!! after about level 55 you will start to draw aggro if you use spells too often. defer to higher level players when in a group, they have been where you are at before and why waste a completely useful barb or pet willing to take the brunt of the damage.

light armor is a given for chest, legs, boots and wrists. i will not wear any gear that does not at least FOUR of the FIVE elemental resistances regardless of the bonuses. true for all classes i suppose, but more important for ahem, squishy types.

helm: HP at first, i have switched to MP recently because spells take so much MP
belts/necklace/cape: evasion is best if you play by the book. i have mixture of evasion and physical resist which changes often.
rings: best you can get. balance your other ornaments against these stats to have build you like to play with if it is not maximum evasion.

bonuses: while +crit hit% is the holy grail of archers, my #1 bonus is +STRENGTH which allows you to put more points into dex. next is evasion, more aggressive = more mobs trying to hit you. then accuracy and finally phys resist. 1-2% extra exp points are nice as is taking 1-2% less damage, but at high levels, this is a minimal bonus. bonuses of magic resist are almost meaningless.

max bow mastery and range as fast as possible and at the expense of other spells.
fire arrow: is a "free damage buff", so raise it up quick as you can when you have extra spirit and $.
take aim: not really a great damage dealer, but i use as a first shot when mobs not running up on me. i need no spell to kill "weak" mob.
i love aim low (stun): and when it works i don't need other spells on current mobs i am killing. i use this as first shot on mobs with extra life, extra attack, faster movement and have raised it every time it is available to me.
knockback: commonly my 4th shot. not at max yet, but its purpose is to give you time to kill the mob before it reaches you. in group play, its value goes down and is counter-productive at most times.
frost arrow: i went to level 50 with this on level 1, have built it up since. others swear by it and i can understand for people without aim low. i chose to save up to max my aim low but have been using it more often lately.
wings of protection: a buff you can give others, so please, build this up and spread it around to all you see.
lightning bolt/deadly strike: these takes too much mana to be of value (as of now). my lightning is at 3 and deadly 2. handy if stun and knockback did not work or as last shot on a mob to kill it.
poison arrow and viscous arrow: take too much time to inflict damage unless you are killing bosses/doing oracle. with a group, their value is slightly higher, killing something a couple of shots quicker. so pick only one to build up levels on it slowly.
spark eruption: its value lies in extra damage but only lasts 10 seconds. i would rather use my sparks on aim low.
others: occasional use so far so no comment at the present.
i absolutely LOVE using barrage of arrows to finish off a boss since you don't need mana after it is dead.

you do not need a spell for every shot. the aim low only or the take aim/normal/normal/knockback combo will allow you to kill most mobs as long as you have maxed your bow mastery and range. any crit hit may save you using any other spells. having extra HP and pots will take care of you when all else fails.

lots of stuff - thanks for reading this far. i love being an archer because i get to watch all the action on the field at once while also being valuable to the a team as a good damage dealer.

PS - as soon as i could farm, i have never bought an arrow. save your $ for other things. farming can be relaxing in a game where impatience is your biggest enemy.
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Tips for Archers
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